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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

2014 wrap up

Well now that January is almost over, I figure why not update what the rest of 2014 was like.

First, I finished the sofa! Ok, I only half finished it, as I still need to make cushions or pillows for the back. I did however finish the seat cushions and that was a huge accomplishment. I mean they have piping and zippers and everything, they are real! I was pretty impressed with myself. Full disclosure, I actually finished these in 2015 . . . so only 6 months after I started. The Pomeranian in front is there because she just loves being in pictures.

From thanksgiving through Christmas, I was in Philadelphia for their Christmas Village. I had originally planned to do both Pittsburgh and Philly holiday shows, but due to work, was only able to do one. Unfortunately I had already paid the non-refundable booth fee to Philly, so had to cancel on Pittsburgh. I really wish I had been able to do Pittsburgh instead. Philly was okay, but I still prefer the Pittsburgh show. It was nice to be in a new city - I had never been to Philadelphia before. I met some other really great artists that I hope to keep in touch with. The weather wasn't bad - no snow, and rarely was it below freezing. There were even a few days in the 60's. Plus I had a pretty amazing space heater in my booth. I love that thing!!
So now off and applying to shows. Applied to Three Rivers, Inman Park, and Decatur. I feel like maybe I have a shot at Three Rivers. The other two? Not so much. But I will keep applying and then maybe one year they will give up and let me in. I will wear them down in the next twenty years or so! I am going to look into Splash Festivals and see if I can get invited back - they put on such wonderful shows. That's it for applications right now.
Looking forward to spring and summer and warmer days ahead!

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