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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Jimmy Dean Delights honey wheat flatbread with turkey sausage, egg and cheese.

I seem to have some free time on my hands what with not having any shows to worry about this summer. So what to do? One of my favorite things is food. Not preparing it, but eating it. I like simple. Red Lobster is one of my favorite restaurants - laugh if you will, but the cheddar bay biscuits are kind of amazing. The cocounut shrimp with the pina colada sauce? Also amazing. I like Totino's pizzas, Campbell's soups, Taco Bell plain nachos, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Simple stuff with minimal clean up. My first choice is always eating out - I love when someone else prepares food and brings it to me. My dream job is to live in a hotel and have room service for every meal. I never could figure out what job would help me reach that goal though, except high priced call girl. That never seemed like a great long-term career plan, so that's why it was plan B. Moving along.

Lately I have been really enjoying breakfast sandwiches from the freezer section. Normally I would prefer to go out and buy one from maybe Chik-Fil-A or McDonald's, but I'm trying to be more frugal with both money and calories. Today's breakfast was a Jimmy Dean Delights honey wheat flatbread with turkey sausage, egg and cheese.


It looks pretty nice on the box, right?

Here is how it looks right out of the fridge. Wrap it in a napkin and microwave it for 60 seconds and . . .

Ta-da! I added the background of my swimming pool to make it look more appetizing. Did it work? As you can see a good amount of the cheese sticks to the paper towel. Maybe that's for the best, less calories and all.

The flavor overall is pretty good. The bread comes out nice and moist (but not soggy) and the sausage has a good flavor too. The egg is pretty standard breakfast sandwich stuff and the cheese is american. I think we all know what american cheese tastes like, right? Plus it melts nicely which is why it is my favorite of cheeses for a grilled cheese. 60 seconds to an easy, tasty breakfast at only 250 calories and no dirty dishes? I call that a win.

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