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Friday, March 29, 2013

It stings!

I know you aren’t supposed to say anything bad about shows that you are rejected from, burning bridges and all that kind of thing. Also, I think I wrote a post a few years ago about dealing with rejection. I am not feeling particularly gracious today though, so what the heck , not many people read this blog anyhow.

Inman Park Festival – rejected for the second year in a row.
Three Rivers Arts Festival – rejected for the second year in a row.

Both of these shows were awesome for me in 2011, and now? I can’t even get in. So what’s up with that? Last year I thought it made sense, that they liked to rotate artists so as not to have the same things every show. I guess not so much.

Last, but not least:
Virginia Highlands Festival – rejected for third year in a row, have never gotten in. Technically I am on the wait list for the third year in a row, but I really think they put everyone on the waitlist instead of rejecting them. It’s a nice trick, like “hey, we’re not really rejecting you, you still have a shot . . . if 14,289 other vendors cancel, you are so totally in our show!!” I’ll admit, I fell for the waitlist idea the first two years, but now I am older and wiser. Maybe just older . . .

Then today I was on someone’s facebook page who was bragging about how she got into both Inman Park and Virginia Highlands. Well pin a rose on your nose. Of course, she would sell jewelry too. Jewelry that is clearly more appealing to art show jury type people. See, yet another reason facebook is bad for self-esteem (at least mine).

So there you have it. None of these shows are getting my application fees next year. None I say! I’m sure they will feel the sting of not getting my $25. Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrn!

Anyhow, I have a show in Acworth in two weeks I am very excited about put on by Splash Festivals. I missed the deadline for their Norcross festival. Actually I realized I had forgotten about it, and panicked and filled out my application as quickly as I could and thought I had it . . . to be informed I applied in the mixed media category and clearly I sell jewelry. D’oh! I managed to do quite a few things incorrectly on that morning, including paying the electric bill twice, locking myself out of my bank account and sending an email to the wrong person. Probably should have stepped away from the keyboard at that point. The Norcross organizers were nice enough to put me on their wait list (a real wait list, not a pretend one cough*virginiahighlands*cough) despite the fact that I wasn’t alert enough to check the right box on the application. Thanks Norcross and thanks for not thinking I am an idiot for applying in the wrong category (or at least for being nice enough not to say so!)

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