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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Twisted Tree Spoon pendant

Part of a new line of soup spoons. I'm trying different colors for the backgrounds, the leaves, the wire, etc. Having lots of fun with the wire and haven't had any serious injuries yet.

Not much to report for the new year. Preparing to apply to shows. Have been invited into one show, Dunwoody Arts Festival, excited about that (even though it is 4 long months away). Was debating applying to the Columbus Arts Fest, but I am thinking no after seeing the previous jewelry vendors. They seem to be primarily high end metalsmiths. My price point is very low compared to previous vendors. Seems like my chances of getting in would be kind of slim and so I need to find a different show that I would be a better fit for/have a better chance of getting into with my $35 application fee! Will probably apply to the Decatur Arts Festival again - it is a local show so that's a plus and it looks fun. Maybe this will be the year of Gorilla Dust.

They don't sell Count Chocula cereal at the grocery store anymore. That has nothing to do with anything, but I think it's worth noting. No Frankenberry either! I tried Cocoa Krispies instead, but deep down I knew it was just not the same.

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