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Monday, July 25, 2011

Festival on Ponce 2011 - Shopper's Review

Show: Festival on Ponce
Dates: 7/23-7/24/11
Location: Olmsted Linear Park along Ponce de Leon Avenue in the historic Druid Hills neighborhood
Website: Festival on Ponce

This was the first year for the show and was organized by AFFPS. They do several Atlanta shows including Buckhead Arts and Crafts Show (which I participated in 2010). I had applied for this show, but was rejected. Actually turned out to be a good thing because I am realizing outdoor shows in July in Atlanta (or really anywhere) are not going to draw a good crowd. It was 98+ degrees both days and humid. Being outside for more than 30 seconds was exhausting so the thought of being inside a tent for two full days is less than appealing. I had a show earlier this month in SC outdoors and it was miserable. Sales at that show were probably the lowest of any show I have ever done too.

I visited the show on Saturday afternoon around 3:00 p.m. That was probably the hottest part of the day, I should probably plan these things out better. Anyhow there were not a lot of people shopping, the flow of traffic was very minimal. According to vendors, this was the norm for the day thus far.

The booths were very, very close together with a narrow paved walkway separating them. It was impossible to walk through with an umbrella (for shade) without hitting a tent on one side or a person on the another. The tents were set up in a long walkway on either side of the paved path. Basically one of those shows where you have to walk all the way to one end and then come all the way back to the other. Had it been a busy show, it would have bottlenecked very quickly - no more than one person each direction could fit through. Unfortunately with these long and straight show set ups, people usually only walk halfway before turning around. Circular or semi-circle patterns seem to encourage the shopper to follow all the way through. Sorry to say I was one of those people who only went halfway. It's not that I wasn't enjoying looking at the wares - it was just too freakin' hot!!!

Too bad - I hoped that if they had to swelter all day at least they would have made some sales.

Parking was street parking and difficult to come by. There was no centralized parking lot. Traffic on Ponce de Leon was very heavy (but those cars did not seem to be going to the show). I normally don't mind parking far away and walking several blocks, but like I said, being outside made me feel like I was going to burst into flames so closer would have been better.

Did I say it was hot???

So again this is just my review as a shopper through the show. I can't say too much more than that really. I was there about 45 minutes total. I meant to take some pictures, but left the camera in the car. Oops.

Not that too many people read this blog, but if you were a vendor, what did you think of the show?

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