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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Three Rivers Arts Festival

Ok, enough rejection, here is a show that I actually got into. The Three Rivers Arts Festival in Pittsburgh, PA. It was amazing! I did the three-day session in the park. It was busy all three days, most times there was a line outside of my tent. I originally wanted to do the five-day session in the plaza, but since I sold out of everything by the end of day three, it's probably best I did not! The weather was hot, but luckily no rain. There were bands playing in the park during the show, but I never felt the sound was overwhelming. I made enough money be happy for quite a while - more than I have every made at any three day show. My brother lives in a condo adjacent to the park which was awesome because it meant port-a-potties could be avoided. Oh how I hate port-a-potties. Luckily I brought a friend to assist at the show as I would have been overwhelmed in the first hour. I promised her 10% of the profits - never suspecting I would sell everything I owned. Needless to say, my assistant was incrediby well-compensated for her three days of work. My brother and his wife even got put to work for a few hours. Definitely the most successful show I have ever had!

This was one of the slower times:

Every single watch sold by Sunday night!

View from the 23rd floor of my brother's condo:

The tan short tent is mine. Well nowhere on the website or show materials did it say a white tent, it said a tent with wind vents. My tan tent had wind vents. However I was the only non-white tent in a sea of white. I looked like a freckle. Oh well, I was easy to find - just look for the brown tent:

Friday morning before the show officially started:

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