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Monday, June 27, 2011

Indie Craft Parade

Ok, gave the Indie Craft Parade another shot. It just seems like such a fun show. This is the third year I applied and I thought yes, this will be the year they want a little Gorilla Dust in their show. Then I got this in my inbox:

We like your concept, but it's not the level of quality we were looking for. Keep refining your craft and try again next year!

Ouch and ouch. I think I like it better when the rejection comes without an explanation! I also think I'm going to take it as a sign that this is just not the show for me so 2011 was the last year of applying for Gorilla Dust Designs. Sometimes you just have to realize a show is not for you. I guess I will have to take comfort from the piles of money I made in Pittsburgh earlier this month and the other piles I made this weekend in Chattanooga . . . I think I feel better already!

Best of luck for a successful show to anyone vending at the Indie Craft Parade!

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