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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Chatty Crafty - Summer Version

The summer show was held in a park on the river. Great location. Here is my tent - this is all the merchandise I could create in two weeks after selling everything in Pittsburgh. Luckily this was a much smaller scale show so I was fine.

Pretty view on Saturday:

Clouds rolled in Sunday morning:

Rained for about 20-30 minutes and cleared up by noon:

Then around 4:00 another storm was headed through. The organizers came around and told us to close up, they were shutting down the show early at 4:30 for the storm. Well I can only pack up so fast by myself and that storm hit about 5 minutes after the warning. It was insane like a giant wall of water just descended upon us. I have never been so wet in my life. Seriously, I had to stop at a Wal-Mart on the way home to by dry clothes (and underpants!). Luckily was able to throw my jewelry in a box and under a tarp, but everything else was soaked. The two hour drive home with wet cardboard boxes, tarps, tent walls and tablecloths was fun. My car smells like monkey butt now, but everything has dried out nicely. Unfortunately a few tents got trashed (you can see the remains of one by the trash can). Everything was completely soaked. It was kind of refreshing once I just gave up and enjoyed the shower. Oh well, I was probably too dry earlier anyhow. It would have been nice to have a little help packing up once the rains stopped, but the volunteers were nowhere to be seen. No worries, eventually got loaded up and headed home.

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