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Monday, April 25, 2011

First Up Stays Up!

I had a show last week in Columbia, SC - Crafty Feast. Unfortunately the weather was scheduled to be horrible (only the day of the show, every day before and after for a week was perfect weather). I decided to give it a go anyhow with my new tent. There was one huge downpour that lasted about ten minutes and I had to hurry and put up the tent walls as the rain was blowing sideways. After a few minutes, there were a few drops of rain in the center of the tent where the wind vents are- but this was only after a few minutes and massive amounts of rain. The rest of the day was sunny, but WINDY. I tried to tell myself it was refreshing, but after the third time my necklace stand blew over and hit me in the arm . . . well less refreshing.

So there you have it, the First Up brand tent survived a storm and lots of wind damage when a lot of other tents did not. It's on sale right now at Wal-Mart for $97, so give it a shot if you need a canopy. It only comes with a tan top, but you can buy white online if you are in a show that requires white tents. Whatever kind of tent you buy, make sure it has the wind vents in the top.

The show was great despite the weather. Duh, Crafty Feast is always fun! Even in hurricane force winds. The free beer coupon was much appreciated and immediately utilized after surviving the mid-afternoon downpour.

Before the storm:

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