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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

2014 wrap up

Well now that January is almost over, I figure why not update what the rest of 2014 was like.

First, I finished the sofa! Ok, I only half finished it, as I still need to make cushions or pillows for the back. I did however finish the seat cushions and that was a huge accomplishment. I mean they have piping and zippers and everything, they are real! I was pretty impressed with myself. Full disclosure, I actually finished these in 2015 . . . so only 6 months after I started. The Pomeranian in front is there because she just loves being in pictures.

From thanksgiving through Christmas, I was in Philadelphia for their Christmas Village. I had originally planned to do both Pittsburgh and Philly holiday shows, but due to work, was only able to do one. Unfortunately I had already paid the non-refundable booth fee to Philly, so had to cancel on Pittsburgh. I really wish I had been able to do Pittsburgh instead. Philly was okay, but I still prefer the Pittsburgh show. It was nice to be in a new city - I had never been to Philadelphia before. I met some other really great artists that I hope to keep in touch with. The weather wasn't bad - no snow, and rarely was it below freezing. There were even a few days in the 60's. Plus I had a pretty amazing space heater in my booth. I love that thing!!
So now off and applying to shows. Applied to Three Rivers, Inman Park, and Decatur. I feel like maybe I have a shot at Three Rivers. The other two? Not so much. But I will keep applying and then maybe one year they will give up and let me in. I will wear them down in the next twenty years or so! I am going to look into Splash Festivals and see if I can get invited back - they put on such wonderful shows. That's it for applications right now.
Looking forward to spring and summer and warmer days ahead!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

More sofa stuff

Why yes, I am still talking about the same sofa. The reupholstery process continues! Sadly all of the stapling is done (I love, love, love stapling!). All that's left to do is sewing the cushion covers. I am dragging my feet on starting the cushions for some reason. I haven't bought the foam yet and also still need to buy a zipper foot for the sewing machine. My friend thinks I should do the seat cushions in black. Here is where I would ask for opinions, but since no one is reading . . . decisions must be made.

More sofa pics. Doesn't it look almost nice enough to sit on without cushions?

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I was looking up "how come no one reads my blog". Isn't that a little sad? The general consensus seems to be - you're boring! Well played Google, well played.

I am waiting to find out if I got into the Philadelphia holiday show. I am supposed to know by the end of the month (which is tomorrow). There is a little bit of hope left. It's small, but it's there. That being said, I won't be terribly surprised if I receive the standard rejection email by tomorrow.

And now a joke.

A pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel on the front of his pants and asks the bartender for a beer.

Bartender says, "Ok pirate. By the way, did you know you have a steering wheel on the front of your pants?"

Pirate says, "Arrrrr, it's drivin me nuts."

Ba dum dum.

Thank you, I'll be here all week.

Monday, July 28, 2014

July Garden and other stuff

Earthbox tomatoes. This picture is sideways and I don't know how to fix that. The tomato plants are about 9 feet tall now.

Bell peppers

Cantaloupe on trellis


Dead zucchini. Not sure what happened.

Gigantic squash (no fruit). And some lettuce and herbs in the cubby holes.

Green bean

Another cucumber

This is how most of my cucumbers are coming out. What's up with that?

More random summer stuff

Prada in her dog house

Our drive to Missouri

Our drive to Georgia

The first strawberry!

How my dog swims

Freshly groomed

My pool

The pool again. How I love it!

Summer stuff

Cinder block garden in May

A frog that got into my house that I managed to capture without freaking out. Ok fine, I freaked out. I mean why and how is there a frog in my house. I made him sit under the cup all night so he could think about what he did wrong.

Garden fresh tomatoes

Garden in June

Bell peppers

More bell peppers


Blueberry bushes

My friend's dog. She likes to chase the water hose when it is turned on. She also likes to hunt lizards.


Work on the sofa continues. I have a new electric staple gun (Maestri) and I love it! It is so much fun to use. I think I always secretly wanted to be a contractor. I am done stapling the couch, but now I still want to staple more things! My poor dog runs away every time she sees the staple gun, she is not a fan of the sound. Anyhow here is how the couch currently looks. Still looking for a high density, FIRM foam so I can finish the cushions.

I went with a fabric that in no way matches my rug. Oh well, time for a new rug. Have not added any trim to the front of the sofa yet due to running out of hot glue. Also due to laziness of not wanting to go to the store to buy more hot glue.

After adding the trim to the back to cover staples. The couch originally had stretchers along the sides and cardboard along the top, but I couldn't figure out how to curve the fabric around the cardboard. The stretchers were a mystery to me too. So I said what the heck, I am just going to staple the whole thing. It worked out in the end.